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Saturday, February 14

3:45pm EST

Judaism and Medicine: Beyond Bioethics
The history of Jews and medicine is as ancient and as rich as the history of the People of Israel itself. But is there a Jewish way to relate to medicine? This session examines the values at the core of medicine, and their impact on doctor and patient. Drawing on Jewish texts and contemporary thought and bioethics, we offer three models of the Jewish license to heal. Through study and sharing, we will explore the intersection of our Jewishness and our health. Practitioners and patients welcome!


Yonah Hain

Yonah Hain is the campus rabbi of Columbia University. In his work, he guides the educational, interfaith and religious initiatives of Columbia/Barnard Hillel's robust Jewish community. Having previously worked at New York University, he is now in his ninth year as a rabbi on campus... Read More →

Saturday February 14, 2015 3:45pm - 5:00pm EST

8:15pm EST

Judaism and Homosexuality

In light of modern changes in attitude regarding homosexuality, and recent controversy surrounding government legislation, explore the halachic stance on homosexuality with Chaim Rapoport, Ethics Advisor to the former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Rapoport combines an unswerving commitment to Jewish Law, teachings and values with a balanced, understanding perspective that Jonathan Sacks described as “blessed with grace, loving kindness and compassion.” 


Chaim Rapoport

Chaim Rapoport, a prolific author and scholar of Jewish law, has served as head of the Leeds Kollel, rabbi for the Birmingham Central Synagogue and Head of the Birmingham Rabbinic Board, and Rabbi to the Ilford Synagogue, Beehive Lane. In 1998 he was appointed as member of the Chief... Read More →

Saturday February 14, 2015 8:15pm - 9:30pm EST
Sunday, February 15

11:30am EST

On Serving God: Does Halakha Help or Hinder?
In this session, we’ll explore one of the most basic questions Jews can ask: what role should halakha (Jewish law) play in our religious lives? Martin Buber and Yeshayahu Leibowitz offer two antithetical answers to this question. For one, halakha is little more than an obstacle to authentic worship; for the other, halakha itself constitutes authentic worship. What, if anything, can Buber and Leibowitz say to each other—and to us? Can engaging extreme positions help us formulate more moderate ones?


Shai Held

Shai Held is Co-Founder, Dean, and Chair in Jewish Thought at Mechon Hadar, and he directs its Center for Jewish Leadership and Ideas. He is a 2011 recipient of the Covenant Award for Excellence in Jewish Education and has been named multiple times to Newsweek’s list of the top... Read More →

Sunday February 15, 2015 11:30am - 12:45pm EST

3:00pm EST

Off the Record: The Law and Law-to-Be-Applied in Jewish Responsa and Islamic Fatawa
The letter of the law is one thing; its implementation—quite another. In this session we will examine 12th-century responsa and fatawa in which we find religio-legal decisors suggesting creative off-the-record advice to individuals in difficult predicaments. Come study the responses to these out-of-the-box cases in which authorities endeavored to ensure that the spirit of the law was not negated by inappropriate enforcement of its letter.


Shoshana Razel Gordon Guedalia

Shoshana Razel Gordon Guedalia is mother-writer-lecturer-sermonizer-activist-aspiring rabbi-student. Her “A Hike” on terror in Israel is a Pushcart nominee. Her work appears in lit reviews, Jewish journals, Keren journal & Dharma & Halacha. She taught soldiers who did not complete... Read More →

Sunday February 15, 2015 3:00pm - 4:15pm EST

8:15pm EST

The Joy of Text - Live!
The Joy of Text (tjot.org) is a monthly podcast about Judaism and sexuality, featuring Dov Linzer, Bat Sheva Marcus, and Ramie Smith. Some past topics: sexual fantasies, the use of vibrators, covering up sexual abuse in schools, and the Kama Sutra. This will be the very first time the show has been recorded before a live audience. Featuring a special guest and what will surely be a very interesting Q&A.


Dov Linzer

Dov Linzer is the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, a groundbreaking Orthodox smicha (ordaining) program, now in its 14th year with close to 100 rabbis serving in the field. Dov has published and lectures widely, writes a weekly parasha sheet, and teaches... Read More →

Bat Sheva Marcus

Bat Sheva Marcus is the clinical director of The Medical Center for Female Sexuality. She holds a PhD in Human Sexuality and  Masters’ degrees in Social Work, Public Health and Jewish Studies. Bat Sheva is a founding member and Vice President of JOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist... Read More →

Ramie Smith

Ramie Smith is a graduate of Yeshiva University with a BA in English communications with emphases on television writing and public relations, and a focus on Women's Studies. She interned at Comedy Central's Emmy and Peabody Award winning show The Colbert Report. She served as the... Read More →

Sunday February 15, 2015 8:15pm - 9:30pm EST