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Zina Rutkin

Ackerman Institute for the Family
Director, Competent Kids, Caring Communities
Great Neck, NY, USA
Dr. Zina Rutkin, CKCC’s Director, holds a master’s degree in special education from Lesley College, a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Case Western Reserve University, and a certificate in Family Studies from Minuchin Center for the Family. In her capacity as director of Ackerman Institute's social-emotional learning program, Competent Kids, Caring Communities, Dr. Rutkin oversees the operation of the program in public schools and after school settings in the NY area. Shen also serves as curriculum developer, professional development and training provider, and coaching supervisor. Dr. Rutkin has over thirty years experience working with, and on behalf of, children and families, with a particular eye toward the interface between education and mental health, and the development of foundational skills leading to success in learning and in life. Professional training has always been in integral part of her career. Dr. Rutkin worked closely with the late Dr. Marcia Stern, CKCC’s founder, in the early program developmental stages of CKCC. Dr. Rutkin began her career as a special educator, and then became a clinical psychologist with a strong background in program evaluation as well as mental health. She has served as a consultant to a variety of mental health organizations, social service agencies, and school settings throughout the New York area, and also as an adjunct professor at NYU.